Bath Ruby Conference: Rob and Leon's road trip

Leon Davis

Last Friday, Rob and I decided to take a road trip and found ourselves in the beautiful city of Bath (as you do!). OK - I’ll admit our trip was a little more premeditated than that…

In fact, we had been excitedly awaiting this particular Friday for months, as it was the day of Bath Ruby Conference.

Rubyists from far and wide gathered for this single-track event, which boasted awesome speakers such as Sandi Metz and Linda Liukas, to name but a few.

The talks covered a wide range of topics and I was pleased to see a strong theme around the importance of good engineering practices when writing code. In her talk ‘Nothing is Something’, Sandi explained how Nil can work against us, by introducing logic that makes for less readable, concise and predictable code. Ben Orenstein’s ‘Live Coding’ was equally thought-provoking and he offered some great advice on creating testable units of code, with single responsibilities.

A special mention goes out to Katrina Owen, whose presentation was both thought provoking and hilarious at the same time. Also Xavier Riley’s talk, which lasted only 5 minutes, was just plain cool and in which Xavier didn’t say a single word!

All in all, Rob and I had a fantastic day. The whole event was brilliantly organised and every single one of the talks really delivered. If you have the time, I highly recommend watching a couple of the presentations online. Follow @bathruby on Twitter and be the first to find out when they go live.

“That culture of taking care of each other and teaching each other - it’s the best thing about Ruby”

Sandi Metz, Bath Ruby Conference speaker

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